Am I a bad investment?

What is an investment?

Well, to be brief, it would be the amount of money people early-on to increase their monetary benefits over time.
As simple as it may sound, there’s a lot of science and numbers behind a successful investment that most of us don’t see or deal with.

While considering a potential investment, we, most often than not, look at its face value and often ignore it’s future potential. Something that looks successful might not give a high return than something that is still under developement. We, as humans like to play it safe and invest in the one that looks more successful. After all, the chances of devaluation or depreciation are low even if the return is poor. Whereas, something that looks poor or comparatively broken down would not be considered a good investment. After all, what are the actual chances of success?

So, after considering the two contradictory situations, I wonder if I am a good investment.
Would anyone, including me, be willing to invest in myself? And even if somebody does, what are the chances of a solid return? What are the KPIs that can portray my strengths to potential investors? How long should the investor wait before getting any actual return or before they start seeing an upward trend in the performance?

Well, I don’t have all the answers. Yet. After all, I am just an almost-30 year old, single and unemployed person, talking about things that are meaningless. So, am I a bad investment? I don’t know for sure but I am definitely going to try and become a better one!

De-cluttering my mind

#WordPrompt: Where can you reduce clutter in your life?

This being my first Wordprompt, I am super excited to use it as my motivation for the blog. The most important place where I feel that clutter can be reduced in my life is actually in my brain.

Well, your mind is a dumpster for your day to day activities. Everything that’s important and everything that’s not, finds its way into the brain and may last a long while. It can be like an uninvited guest that is adamant about not leaving.

So, how do you decide, which stuff to keep and which stuff to remove? Is it even possible to de-clutter your mind? After all, the human brain has a tendency to store all the irrelevant junk and forget about the relevant stuff. Honestly, there are times when I forget my cell phone number or my date of birth but I can easily recall the price of my favorite jacket on 3 different shopping platforms. Anyone can tell what’s more important to remember!

So, how can I de-clutter my mind?

Easy – don’t let junk information find its way into the brain. The quality and the quantity of thoughts would depend on the kind of information I feed myself. But, as easy as it is to say, it is not that easy to follow and include in our current lifestyle.

So one thing that I’ve started incorporating in my life is a conditioning technique. I have started spending most of my free time hanging out with people with extremely organised thoughts. They have clear boundaries about what and they and what they need to do to achieve it. Moreover, they constantly aim to improve their thoughts and knowledge. And, due to close proximity to them, some of their habits rub off to me, too. It’s like there’s an exam and I can use a cheat code. I may not score a perfect 100 but I can definitely improve my score to an eighty! After all, there’s no rule saying that I can’t!

So, that’s my story on de-cluttering. What’s yours?

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If I had a rating, would it be five stars?

Well, everyone knows how GenZ loves the internet and everything that comes along with it. Not just them, but everyone today loves the internet. And of the major reasons is the customer satisfaction. The services, the products, and the content available on the internet are the things we enjoy in everyday life. 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The right to have an opinion and the very right to express it is what makes the social media what it is today. The high of discovering something new for the very first time and the satisfaction in letting the team know that they are doing a great job is an everyday task for most of us. And, of course, we might let our friends know about it as well.

So, I have a question. What if I, too, had a rating? And the follow up question would be – would it be 5 stars? 

To answer these questions, you need to first think of yourself as a commodity – a commodity that is under inspection (or judgement) from everyone!

Honestly, it is a daunting question. I don’t really want to know the answer to that. But, it’s still making me curious. Isn’t the way to improve a product /service is to gather necessary feedback based on performance rating and then address the obvious issues to enhance its quality? This process flow is so well established that every brand and company needs to adopt it. 

The results of this process have also been well acknowledged by multinational corporations to personal brands for goal achievement. Thus, I just want to think of the implications that such a system can have, from our personal to professional lives.

So, what would happen if people also came with their own ratings? Would it make us better as people? Or would it challenge the social etiquettes on which our societies are built?

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Pexels.com

But, what if, in the near future, the world witnesses AI powered robots as employees? Would they be treated as humans or as products with their individual ratings? Then wouldn’t they be competing with us for the already scarce resources? If yes, then what would happen to people who don’t have a rating? Would a company be willing to hire any of us? Or would everyone be replaced by robots?

The plethora of thoughts has kind of landed me into an existential crisis! Do I need a rating? Not my blog, not my work, nor my education. But me! Do I need a rating?! 

And, I guess, that would open up another can of worms. What should be the grading criteria for rating someone? How long would that list be? Who would decide what that list would be like? And who all would get to rate? Would I be observed like a monkey for months before I get my rating? What would be the best rating? Would the results be biased? Would it improve my credibility? Would I score 5 stars? And please don’t tell me that our ratings would be decided with assistance of AI! 

These questions have kept me up since yesterday and I don’t know how to get over it. So, I can only come to WP to seek comfort.

Oh and when should I start preparing for this paradigm shift?

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From Sadness to Motivation: How to Find Your Way Back

Well, a Job is a must, right! Whether it is to just survive with the very basic necessities of life or it is to aspire for a luxurious living, a man (and everyone else) has to work. When I say work, it could be a full time employment, self-employment or something in between. A good job and career progression can also help one in feeling empowered. Despite its necessity, I have landed into a situation without a paying job.

So, after a lot of consideration, I found myself back here to motivate and empower myself and everyone (even if they don’t already need it). 

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Why I was sad –  

Well, it’s not like I have never had a job. I wasn’t even laid off, to be honest. Though, I didn’t have the best job in the world, at least it was enough to pay the bills and that kept me going. Unfortunately, a few months back, my grandmother passed away. It was a huge emotional shock to me and I decided to come back home with the intention to stay near my hometown. And so, I quit on my own. Looking back, I know it was a very irresponsible thing to do but at the moment, I was impulsive and lacked foresight. While dealing with my personal loss, I was quite satisfied with my decision. I could focus on my emotional healing rather than the work politics. And so, the situation persisted and I blamed my laziness on inability to focus on the things at hand.

However, upon reflection, the reality took a toll on me and I realized how irresponsible it was of me. 

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Why I lack the motivation –

Well, it not that I don’t want to work but that I don’t find the tasks-at-hand rewarding. Nowadays, it’s difficult to even get out of bed. My mind is filled with negative thoughts and I find myself useless. And well, so do the others. So much so, that I have started doubting my self-worth – am I just a waste of space!

The hateful part of this situation is the casual way in which my friends and family can question my life choices. And to be frank, I’m fed up. Filled with the negative thoughts and the atmosphere surrounding me, I feel it’s quite difficult to do something productive. I don’t even feel like updating my resume, or applying for jobs. Despite knowing the importance of these activities, I find myself procrastinating. After all, most HRs will question the same things all over again. And, I don’t think it’s a good idea to piss off the hiring managers with curt replies. Therefore, I feel hesitant to even take the first step, that is, to apply for the jobs I want.

How to turn sadness to motivation?

I guess, no-one can escape these feelings and they can help in personal growth. Hence, the accepting these thoughts can eventually lead one to feeling empowered. For me, it happened one day when my relatives had gathered together and they discussed the last wishes of my grandmother. This conversation was nothing new – she only wanted two things for me. And one of them was for me to get a job that would make me happy. Well, there is no such thing as a ‘happy’ job but at least a place where I could feel a sense of accomplishment. And that day, I felt an immense sense of guilt. I knew I should have been working hard to make that wish come true – but instead, I was looking for excuses to live an idle life.

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Faced with the sad truth, I decided to finally make a move. I shut myself up in my room, reading as many motivational stories on emotional healing and personal growth that I could find. I don’t remember most of them, but I know that people can achieve anything they want when they their mind to it. I relied on some strategies that could help me transition from the sadness to motivation and feel empowered. I included positive self-talk in my daily life to create a favourable mind-set. And I also made a list of achievable goals and divided them into smaller goals. I also decided on a small reward system.

“Motivation doesn’t come from expectations; it comes from taking the first step”


What I learned from my experience was that it is important to accept the situation as it is, without making excuses for your situation. There are many sad moments in life and it can be overwhelming at times, making it all-the-more difficult to find a direction. But, it is also important to learn from such situations and turn them into motivation as life goes on and we need to go on as well. We should learn to focus on the positivity and wait for the good things to happen.

And before you know it, I landed a job. Of course, it’s not my dream job, but I might be on my way to it.

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When you can track your work experience, why not your sleep

A customized sleep log and water log journal

Being unemployed, I actively landed myself into a sedentary lifestyle – after all, there’s no reason for me to wake up. Or to put on my work clothes, or even leave the comfort of my bed. Despite the pep talk I give myself every night, all the motivation is lost as soon as I gaze outside my bedroom window. Amidst the winter smog and my clouded judgement, I eased back into my dreamland where everything is rainbows and sunshine.

Being able to live my life without a care in the world is absolutely fine – or so I keep telling myself. But then, for a month, I saw people progressing every single day, taking a step further in their professional and/or personal lives. Don’t get me wrong – I am sincerely happy for them but I can’t deny the feeling of uselessness that keeps pulling me down. How I wished that I could stay away from social media, but it was not an option. After all, I am currently on an indefinite vacation with no definite plans. This did not affect only my professional life but also took a toll on my health.
And my wallet got the worst brunt of things, especially with a couple of back to back doctor appointments. And so I finally decided that it was time for a change.

With my mind made up, I planned a low budget vacation. Well, it was not really a vacation but a long stay-over at my cousin’s place. After all, I desperately needed to see people around me, especially the ones who could motivate me to move on from this one setback.

Staying with my cousin for a week, I observed her lifestyle that made me question mine. Then I questioned her – why is she so particular about her sleeping time? So much so, that she maintains her sleep journal. She diligently records her waking up and sleeping time. She knows exactly how much time she spends on her sleep, so that she could plan the rest of her day.

To be honest, I found it a tedious activity. But I held back from saying it out loud. Instead, when she would record her entry, I would also make a mental note of how much time I was spending in bed. And I realized that I was spending more than 16 hours lazing around in bed!! It was like an alarm going off in my mind. And so, I started paying a bit more attention. I made it a point to get out of bed. Even if I had nothing to do, I forced myself to leave the bed. And honestly, it was a life changer. I also tried to incorporate a few more of her habits into my lifestyle. One of them was drinking at least 4L water a day and going for a morning walk. After a week, I started adjusting to a regular person’s routine. I started making to-do lists and backups lists. I started planning my time and organizing my work.

Although my current professional status remains the same, but my mindset improved by a leaps and bounds. I feel I am ready to embrace the change alongwith whatever it may bring.

Re-Branding myself

When we talk about a brand, especially a personal brand, we need to define the who they are. So, if I have to wrap myself up as a brand, I need to define who I am. Thus, to get started, I asked myself a question – who am I?

It should have been an easy question – I answer it at least once a day, whenever I introduce myself to others. But, it’s not always the right description. The narrative to this question would change depending on the point of view – whether I am describing who I am or how would people define me.

How would others define me? Well, it’s kind of embarrassing considering that I don’t even know what I am doing with my life. Some commonly used adjectives that others have used to describe me are lazy, fickle, irritating, lacking judgement, and basically worthless (since I don’t even have a job at the moment).

Time and again, I have told myself that it doesn’t matter what they think and they have yet to see the best of me. This may indeed take some time. So, I didn’t bother changing this so-called ‘personal brand’. But, talking about me, as a brand, this is absolutely not the perception I wanted to create at all.
As I am navigating through the course on Digital marketing, I have realised that I need to make changes and rebrand myself in the way I find familiar. I need to put in some conscious effort to develop, establish and market myself as a brand. And, here I am, trying out something new. As for the success of this strategy, I guess, I’ll to wait and watch.

Also to introduce myself – I am Anika. Just Anika! No adjectives, no hobbies, and no ‘one-liners’.